Cooperation with a biobank consists in exchanging data or obtaining its offer from a biobank.


The BBMS project publishes a "de facto standard" database structure that:

- can be used in any application,
- cannot be sold.


Several principles of building the "de facto standard" of the database structure have been adopted:

1. the structure must be implementable on any database engine

2. the construction and structure changes are coordinated by the author of the BBMS software in cooperation with biobanks

3. the database consists of a system part and a subbase

4. any changes to the system part or public bases are discussed in the biobanking forum

5. changes in the structure of the private sub-database are arbitrary and unlimited

6. subsequent versions of the database structure description are marked with the date of change

7. each field and table has a description, parameters, date and time of adding and changing

8. the documentation is published on this page as a pdf file

9. the structure is additionally published in electronic form in the BBMS software